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Sandtex Trade

10 Year Exterior Gloss with Mirror Shine

Tough, long-lasting and in a wide range of classic and vibrant shades, our 10 Year Exterior Gloss is great for transforming wood and metal surfaces, protecting them against the elements.

Comes in 750ml / 2.5L

Exterior Eggshell

A high performance, solvent based eggshell finish, specially formulated to provide long lasting protection for exterior joinery and suitably primed metal.

Comes in 750ml / 2.5L

Combined Primer Undercoat for Wood

A high performance flexible primer undercoat providing the ideal base for long lasting eggshell and gloss finishes on exterior wood.

Comes in 750ml / 2.5L

All paints mixed to crown trade colours, for more information on our Sandtex Trade paint selection, please contact us using our contact form below, alternately, please ring our store on 01704 550425.

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