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Specialist Primers

Johnstone's Quick Dry Zinc Phosphate

Johnstone's Specialist Primers Quick Dry Zinc Phosphate Primer Colours is a quick drying, single pack anti-corrosive primer for steel suitable for use under a wide variety of conventional finishes, combining excellent adhesion and ease of application. Ideal for use as part of the anti-corrosive system with Johnstone's Steel & Cladding Semi-Gloss Topcoat. Can be used over suitably prepared galvanised metal.

Comes in 2.5, 5lt

Johnstone's aluminum wood primer

Johnstone's Specialist Primers Aluminium Wood Primer Silver Johnstone's Aluminium Wood primer is a solvent borne blend of fine grade aluminium and high quality resin. Formulated for interior and exterior use on new or bare timber, it provides a barrier against oily exudations of naturally resinous timber and can be used as a sealer on weathered creosote or smoke damaged surfaces- it is also self knotting

Comes in 0.5LT

Johnstones Aluminium Paint

Johnstone's Specialist Coatings Aluminium Paint SilverJohnstones Aluminium Paint is a solvent borne, protective metallic finish formulated for use on suitably prepared metal surfaces such as storage tanks, ducting and pipe work. Based on an oil varnish medium and aluminium flake it will withstand temperatures up to 150ºC. Its brilliant lustre has the added benefit of reflecting solar radiation

Comes in 2.5, 5LT 

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