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Our Services

Professional Advice and Guidance

Our professionally trained staff have over 50 years of combines experiance. They are on hand to answer any queriess and offer advice and guidance about our products and colour shemes. 

Free Local Delivery

We offer a free local delivery service to southport and the sounding areas. Please ring 01704 550425 to check your eligibility. Alternatively email

Colour Matching

We are able to match colours using our extremely sophisticated spectrophotometer device (the magic colour eye). We can scan most materials, from kitchen drawers, to items of the clothing. This will customise the perfect colour scheme from your home or office.

Paint Mixing

 There are over 3000 colours availble to mix from our crown mixing machine, which include crown retail, crown trade and macpherson colours. We can also mix colours from British standards ranges, BS400 and RAL. 

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